A source of alternative energy

Air pollution due to the use of fossil fuels as the main source of energy makes it necessary to search for new sustainable and renewable sources.

Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) peks is the new convenient biomass fuel: a source of alternative energy cheap, with low environmental impact, high power density.

PKS peks is a natural waste of vegetable origin that is recovered and reused to generate “clean” energy.

Green energy at low cost

PKS peks is a source of energy:

  • renewable: is a vegetable waste available in nature, a natural energy source;
  • sustainable: the CO2 released during combustion does not cause an increase of the greenhouse effect, since it is the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by the plant in its life cycle;
  • convenient: it's an alternative energy source that combine environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and very competitive costs.

peks is economical, environmentally friendly, with excellent yield. Discover the benefits

Functionality and Convenience

The PKS peks is sold in a convenient 15 kg bag.
A quality product at a very competitive price in a handy and practical size to carry, especially in the home environment.

Technical data
Humidity 8 %
Heating power 4,6 kWh/kg
Residual ash +/- 1 %