It is a vegetable waste, recovered and used as an alternative energy source without the need for expensive treatments. It has an excellent performance / volume ratio: less fuel used, more heat, long life.


It is a 100% natural material, a source of energy “clean”: the CO2 released in the process of combustion doesn't increase the greenhouse effect, since is the same as that absorbed by the plant in its life cycle.

peks fuel represents an investment for companies and an excellent opportunity for home heating.


It has a low bulk volume (600 kg / m³) and absorbs a very low percentage of humidity (8%) to guarantee a practical and safe storage, even outdoors. He also has a low ash residue.


The calorific value is high (equal to approximately 4.6 kWh / kg, higher than the wood chips) and very stable (low variations in the boiler ensure a better plant efficiency)